Perma Blend Pigments

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Perma Blend is one of, if not the top brand of permanent makeup pigments – and for good reason. 

About Perma Blend Permanent Makeup Pigments

Perma Blend pigments were developed by Lou Rubino, creator of World Famous Tattoo Inks, and his sister Anne Marie Rubino, a passionate permanent makeup artist who wanted better pigments to produce better work for her clients. Perma Blend was the result, a brand that’s earned a reputation for meticulously crafted pigments that deliver outstanding results.

Find the Right Perma Blend PMU Pigment

Choosing the perfect pigment for every client is essential for achieving natural results. Perma Blend offers an extremely diverse range of pigments designed to cater to every client's unique skin tone and preferences. 

Perma Blend Lip Pigments

From subtle pinks to daring reds, Perma Blend has a lip pigment shade for every style. Perma Blend’s lip pigment collection also boasts a wide range of opacity (how opaque the color appears). So whether your client wants that natural “just bitten” look or prefers a bolder, lipstick-like effect, you can help them achieve the results they’re after with Perma Blend. 

Want to blend pigments to create a custom shade for your client? Perma Blend lip pigments are great for that too, blending smoothly and effortlessly into one seamless shade. 

Perma Blend Eyebrow Pigments

Perma Blend Eyebrow Pigments lets you shape and define your client’s brows with precise, natural-looking results. Crafted to deliver impeccable color retention and natural brow tones for every hair color and complexion, these pigments provide the longevity needed for flawless brows. Plus, their collection of color-correcting pigments lets you touch up old, faded microblading work with ease.

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From brows and eyeliner to lips and paramedical, Ultimate Beauty makes it simple and affordable to stock up on all the Perma Blend pigments you need to serve your clients!