Permanent Makeup Practice Skin

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Whether you want to practice new PMU techniques or showcase your skills with a 3D display in your studio, a few good practice skins are a must-have for new and experienced PMU artists alike.

Permanent Makeup Practice Skin

Are you a new PMU artist ready to elevate your skills? Or maybe an experienced artist itching to experiment with new procedures and techniques? Either way, our practice skins and sheets offer the realistic feel you need to perfect your craft.

Microblading Practice Skin & Sheets

From large, blank canvases for endless practice to microblading practice sheets with pre-drawn eyebrows to copy, our microblading skins are the perfect medium for practicing microblading and other PMU eyebrow techniques. You’ll find a range of Fitzpatrick tones, so you can experiment with the pigments and techniques that work best for each skin tone. 

Synthetic PMU Practice Skin

Practice skins offer PMU artists the chance to perfect their techniques before offering new services to their clients. The synthetic material replicates the feel of human skin, allowing you to explore various PMU techniques with ease. Whether you want to practice lip blushing or eyeliner, we’ve got practice skin for that – even artificial breasts for practicing areola restoration. These 3D models offer the most realistic practice possible, helping you learn how to work with the real shapes and curves of the body. Like our microblading skins, these models are available in a range of Fitzpatrick skin tones.

Our practice skins come from the most respected names in the PMU and tattooing industry, including A Pound of Flesh, Skin-Tex, and Ultimate Beauty’s own brand. All are designed to offer a true-to-life experience that helps you elevate your skills and, ultimately, your PMU career.