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We understand that creating perfect, long-lasting brows is an art, and like every artist, you need the right tools to bring your vision to life. From pigments to skin prep, Ultimate Beauty is the ultimate destination for all your microblading supplies.

Microblading Tools

We take the guesswork out of stocking up on microblading supplies – because if it’s sold at Ultimate Beauty, it’s from a brand that has built a reputation for excellence in the PMU world. Whether it’s needles or pigments, you can be sure that all of our microblading products come from companies that prioritize the health and safety of your clients and the quality of your work. 

Microblading Needles & Kits for Beginners

Tina Davies microblading tools are the best in the business, perfect for both beginners and seasoned artists. With ultra-sharp needles and multiple needle configurations, you can create showstopping brows for your clients with as little damage to their skin as possible. Try out the microblades sampler pack to learn which needle configurations you prefer and then stock up on your favorites!

Microblading Pigments

Our wide range of microblading pigments includes every brand and shade you’ll ever need – seriously. With huge selections from brands like PermaBlend, Tina Davies, and Brow Daddy, you’ll find what you need to serve clients of every hair color and skin tone for any PMU procedure.

Microblading Practice Skin

Practice makes perfect, and our microblading practice skin is the ideal canvas for honing your skills. Designed to simulate real skin texture, our practice skins provide a realistic experience for artists to refine their techniques. 

Microblading Skin Prep & Numbing

As a PMU artist, your reputation depends just as much on your client’s experience in the studio as it does on their final results. Following best practices for hygiene, sanitation, and pain management speaks volumes about your professionalism. Ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your clients with the industry’s most popular skin prep and numbing products

Your artistry and your clients deserve the best – and Ultimate Beauty is here to provide you with the microblading tools you need to let your work shine!