Choosing the Perfect PMU Machine: A Guide for Every Budget

With the multitude of PMU machines out there, finding the perfect one can be overwhelming. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding PMU artist, we're here to simplify the selection process based on your budget. Let's dive in, starting with the most costly options and working our way down to budget-friendly choices. No matter your budget, you'll find a machine in this blog that advances you technically and professionally.


Flux Mini: Small but Powerful

All color options for Microbeau Flux Mini

For the PMU artist with discerning taste, the Flux Mini is a game-changer. This mini marvel is perfect for reducing wrist pain, providing impeccable maneuverability, and enhancing focus on your PMU site. Despite its pocket-sized design, the Flux Mini boasts a robust battery, offering up to 5 hours of wireless power. It's a fusion of feather-light portability and uncompromised performance, making it an ideal companion for back-to-back client sessions (you won't get fatigued from heavy vibrations or a weighty machine body!)


  • Reduces wrist pain
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Enhanced visibility and focus on PMU site
  • 5 hours of wireless power


  • Limited stroke options despite the high cost (only 2.5mm or 3mm)

Bellar Air: High-Tech Versatility

Microbeau Bellar Air PMU machine

For those techy artists out there who prefer the latest and greatest in PMU technology, the Microbeau Bellar Air is a wireless wonder just for you. The upgraded OLED display screen allows easy adjustment of speed, session timing, and voltage, offering unparalleled control. This machine's needle sensing system ensures consistent results, while the lower running voltage minimizes trauma to your client's skin—which always means better (or at least faster) healed results.


  • Versatile control parameters
  • Upgraded OLED display
  • Consistent results with needle sensing
  • Lower running voltage for reduced trauma
  • Bluetooth connectivity for advanced control


  • Highly complex for beginning artists, more suited for professionals


Perma Pen Signature: A Precise Collaboration between Microbeau and Perma Blend

Perma Pen Signature PMU Machine

Crafted in collaboration with Microbeau, the Perma Pen is perfect for lovers of Perma Blend pigments. The two pair beautifully together, coming from the same trusted manufacturer you know and love. This wireless PMU machine offers effortless precision and unmatched control, with a versatile 2.7mm stroke suitable for any procedure. That means it's an excellent choice for both professionals and beginner artists... you can try your hand at any style or technique with ease! Plus, the Perma Pen gives you an almost vibration-free performance, which means less fatigue and distress in the long run.


  • Collaboration with Perma Blend (pairs perfectly with your favorite Perma Blend pigments)
  • Collaboration with Microbeau guarantees quality
  • Effortless precision
  • Versatile 2.7mm stroke
  • Almost vibration-free performance


  • Fixed stroke length doesn't allow for as much variety as other middle-grade machines

Peak Astra: Power Up Your Performance

Peak Astra PMU Machine in pink

For a wireless, no-nonsense performance that doesn't break the bank, you can count on the Peak Astra. This reliable machine gives you a PowerPack battery for up to 5 hours of performance on a single charge, with USB-C cable included. Effortlessly adjust voltage settings and enjoy a seamless PMU experience. While the Peak Astra doesn't have as many frills as a wireless machine like the Bellar Air, it nonetheless gives you everything you need to power through a day in the studio with efficiency. 


  • Spare PowerPack for wireless operation
  • Up to 5 hours of performance power
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Effortless voltage adjustments


  • Spare battery pack is purchased separately (costlier)
  • Battery power lower than others on the market




Dragonhawk Mast Tour Siya: Versatility Meets Affordability

Dragonhawk Siya PMU Machine

Ideal for beginners, the wireless Mast Tour Siya machine by Dragonhawk is a budget-friendly powerhouse. Tackle various PMU procedures with confidence using its versatile 3mm stroke length... and maintain your stamina the whole time. The slim, ultra-lightweight design ensures precision work with less fatigue, making it perfect for those new to the PMU world. But this machine is specialized for SMP, so if you're just starting out in the world of scalp micropigmentation, this could be your perfect launching pad. While it's ideal for beginners, you might still like this machine as a seasoned artist. It's handy in a pinch if you're go-to machine runs low on battery.



  • Ideal for beginners
  • Versatile 3mm stroke length
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Suitable for various PMU procedures
  • LED readout screen for clear visibility



  • Fixed stroke length doesn't allow for much variety
  • SMP specialty can be limiting if you're an artist practicing all styles


Dragonhawk Mast Tour Y22

Dragonhawk Mast Y22


Enjoy total freedom during PMU procedures with the Dragonhawk Mast Tour Y22 wireless machine. You can choose to work wirelessly or with a traditional RCA cable using this slender powerhouse of a machine, which adapts effortlessly to your workflow. With over 10 hours of wireless power and user-friendly interface that's clear to understand and read, this adaptable machine is great for beginners who are still trying to figure out what features they like and don't like. It doesn't give you any frivolous bells and whistles, but still gives you access to game-changing PMU tech... all at a reasonable price.


  • Choose wireless convenience or an RCA setup
  • Over 10 hours of battery power
  • Custom corelss motor gives you smooth and consistent results


  • Long charge time might be a hindrance for some artists (batteries take 2 hours to charge)


Selecting the right PMU machine is crucial for your artistic journey. Consider your budget, preferences, and the unique features each machine offers. Whether you're splurging on the Flux Mini or embracing the affordability of Dragonhawk, each option is designed to elevate your PMU experience. So get out there and see what you can create with these stunning options!