Which Microbeau PMU Machine Is Best for You?

If you haven’t tried using a Microbeau machine yet, you’re missing out on a brand that’s pioneering the world of PMU! Microbeau gives you a high-quality range of machines tailored to different skill levels and preferences. Each machine empowers you to hone your craft and create your most gorgeous results, no matter your skill level. But which one is right for you? Let’s explore the selection of Microbeau machines and see which one is the right fit.

XION MINI: The Compact Powerhouse

Xion S PMU machine on a white backdrop

Designed for intermediate artists, the Xion Mini is the most compact machine on the market. Being so mini (and also mighty), it gives you unmatched precision and control. Another beautiful thing about this tiny wonder? It allows you to see more of your work, so you can focus better and have optimal visibility. With a 2.5mm stroke, it's perfect for procedures on all skin types. Consequently, you can perform with confidence on clients of all ages and skin thicknesses. All the while, the Xion Mini gives you optimal balance with a slim, tapered design, reducing hand fatigue so you can perform for longer.

At A Glance:

  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Specialties: Brow Strokes, Lip Procedures
  • Stroke: 2.5mm
  • Pros: Reduces hand and wrist fatigue, improves visibility over your work, performs well on all skin types
  • Cons: Takes adjusting for artists unaccustomed to smaller machines + only one stroke

BELLAR: Precision for Beginners

Microbeau Bellar PMU machine in rose gold with a slate backdrop

Just kicking off your journey as a PMU artist? The Bellar is an ideal beginner device, and could be the perfect match for you. With a 2.7mm stroke, this true pen-style machine is ideal for crafting your best hair strokes and performing linework, too. Ultimately designed for precision overall, the machine also has a super slim, tapered design that’s incredibly maneuverable. Additionally, this machine has a click-grip adjustment system that lets you change your needle depth on the fly. Paired with the AirBolt Mini for enhanced freedom of movement, this might be your new favorite model for delving into lips, powder brows, and hairstroke brows.

At A Glance:

  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • Specialties: Lips, Powder Brows, Hairstroke Brows
  • Stroke: 2.7mm
  • Pros: Ultimate precision, slim and lightweight design, adjustable click-grip
  • Cons: Some might prefer a little more heft than this lightweight machine offers + only one stroke

BELLAR AIR: Cutting-Edge Wireless Technology

Microbeau Bellar Air in blue on a workstation counter

Here’s another incredible option for beginners: The Bellar Air helps you take your artistry to the next level wireless device with two fixed-stroke options (2.1mm & 3.0mm) and a digital interface that’s a dream to use. It offers a little more technology, bells, and whistles than the Bellar we talked about above—so it requires a little more of a learning curve. But the benefits may be well worth your time. Once you master the Bellar Air, you can easily manage speed, timing, voltage, and eGive parameters effortlessly. Additionally, the Bellar Air is a little heftier than the Bellar, so if you prefer a little bulk in your hand, this could be a great choice for you. The machine is an excellent choice for lips, hairstroke brows, and powder brows, providing the flexibility of wired or wireless operation (so you can dabble in both and find out which you like best!)

At A Glance:

  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • Specialties: Lips, Hairstroke Brows, Powder Brows
  • Stroke Options: 2.1mm & 3.0mm
  • Pros: Wireless operation, digital interface for precise control, suitable for various PMU techniques
  • Cons: Initial learning curve for the digital interface

XION S: Versatility at Its Finest

Xion S PMU machine on a granite backdrop

The Xion S stands out as the most versatile device on this list. That’s because it offers you four interchangeable stroke options. Intimidated? Don’t be. More strokes give you more opportunities to build your PMU skillset across a wide variety of procedures… but if you’re still intimidated by the idea of stroke length in general, check out our blog here that’ll set you more at ease. Aside from an interchangeable stroke, the Xion S also offers you a give dial so you can adjust your needle tension and see what “hit” works best for you during various procedures. With its comfortable ergonomic design and powerful motor, the Xion S is a masterpiece suitable for lips, powder brows, eyeliner, paramedical tattoos, areola tattooing, you name it. Its powerful motor makes it suitable for clients of all ages and skin types, so you can count on great results across the board.

At A Glance:

  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Specialties: Lips, Powder Brows, Eyeliner, Paramedical Tattoo, Mini Tattoo
  • Interchangeable Strokes: 1.8mm & 2.5mm (3.2mm & 3.7mm sold separately)
  • Pros: Versatile for all PMU procedures, comfortable design, adjustable give dial
  • Cons: Powerful motor, higher initial investment with additional stroke options

FLUX MINI: Entry-Level Excellence

Black Flux Mini PMU Machine with white backdrop

Compact, wireless, and budget-friendly, the Flux Mini might be your new best friend if you’re a beginner looking for balance and wireless freedom. The Flux Mini gives you two fixed-stroke options, so it caters to a wide range of PMU procedures. Its slim design, interchangeable battery packs, and user-friendly controls give you a feel for a cord-free setup and flow with adjustable parameters. It’s an excellent choice if you’re building your skills with lips and powder brow procedures. But be mindful, the battery may require frequent charging, so we recommend having a backup on hand!

At A Glance:

  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • Specialties: Lips, Powder Brows
  • Stroke Options: 2.5mm & 3.0mm
  • Pros: Compact and wireless, well-balanced universal machine, affordable price point
  • Cons: Battery life may require frequent recharging for extended sessions

FLUX S MAX: Advanced Technology for Precision

Already a pro who knows exactly what you’re looking for in a machine? Enter the Flux S Max. This gorgeous machine gives you state-of-the-art technology for a flawless workflow and fully adjustable parameters according to your preference. For example, it gives you several fixed stroke options: 2.5mm, 3.2mm, and 4.5mm, so you can tackle a wide array of procedures your way. Moreover, it gives you a clear, easy-to-read digital display to track your voltage, speed, and battery power at a glance! Oh, and count on a long-lasting PowerPack battery… this machine has a low running voltage range that won’t power down your battery life so quickly.  Another incredible thing about the Flux S Max? It learns how you work (even takes note of your favorite pigments + standard level of pressure) and adjusts itself accordingly. Connect to Bluetooth via the Darklab app for even more intuitive features like voice control. If you couldn’t tell, this machine is truly for the advanced artist who loves all the bells and whistles. Needless to say it’s ideal for various techniques, including lips, hairstroke brows, eyeliner, paramedical tattoo, SMP, and powder brows.

At A Glance

  • Experience Level: Advanced
  • Specialties: Lips, Hairstroke Brows, Eyeliner, Paramedical Tattoo, SMP, Powder Brows
  • Stroke Options: 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.5mm
  • Pros: Advanced personalization, digital display, Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cons: Higher price point, may have a learning curve for technologically advanced features

FLUX S: Power and Comfort

Flux S PMU Machine with a white backdrop

Here’s another option for you advanced PMU artists out there. The Flux S offers a wide grip, wireless experience with two fixed-stroke options (3.0mm & 4.0mm). As far as balance goes, this machine is a dream: it’s center weighted, reducing hand and wrist fatigue so you can perform for longer. This machine is also specially designed to perform well on tough, tricky, thick skin—including scalp skin—which makes it an excellent choice for you if you specialize in SMP. Count on power, wireless freedom, and overall comfort with this handy machine—but, as an advanced artist, it might be advisable to have a backup that’s more suitable for delicate, intricate work.

At A Glance:

  • Experience Level: Advanced
  • Specialties: Thick Skin Procedures (Scalp, Scar Tissue)
  • Stroke Options: 3.0mm & 4.0mm
  • Pros: Wide grip for enhanced control, brushless motor for maximum power, center-weighted and balanced
  • Cons: Larger size may be less suitable for intricate work, especially on smaller areas.


No matter your needs, experience level, or style preferences, Microbeau machines have an option for you. Use this as your handy guide and check out our selection of Microbeau machines to find your ideal match. Don’t forget to show us what you can create with Microbeau! Show off your work on Instagram and give us a tag @ultimatebeautypmu.