Your Checklist for Professional PMU Prep

The success of any PMU procedure begins with thoughtful preparation. As a skilled artist, your work involves sensitive procedures, and careful prep ensures both cleanliness and a sense of security for you and your clients.

Let's break it down into simple steps to make your PMU station as hygienic, sterile, and safe as possible.

Create a Clean Canvas

A safe setup begins simply: with your metal tray table. Start by cleaning your tray with sanitizing wipes. Add a dental bib on top your metal tray for an extra layer of protection.

Show Your Machine Some Love

PMU machine hovering over a pigment tray

As your most valuable asset, it goes without saying your machine deserves some TLC. Use sanitizing wipes or a UV light device to clean it effectively, ensuring optimized sanitation. Wrap it in cling wrap and two layers of grip wrap for substantial, safe coverage. If you're working with a corded machine, you'll also need to wrap your cord, so be sure to invest in clip cord sleeves.

We also highly recommend considering disposable grips as part of your setup. Hygienic and safe, disposable grips are all ready to go in sterilized packaging. But aside from being totally safe to use, disposable grips also allow you to enjoy ergonomic comfort, unhindered by grip wrap.

Gather Your Essentials

Brow pencils in a box

Now you've got your canvas and your machine clean and ready to go. It's time to fill in the blanks with all your other PMU essentials. These essentials can all go on your medical tray (which should now be safely protected from cross-contamination with a dental bib). Depending on your procedure, you'll want some or all of the following essentials on your tray:

The latter two items in this list are obviously the most crucial. Consequently, you can sanitize and wrap your pigment holder tray in plastic wrap. Additionally, for more convenience, consider adding a small amount of numbing cream—or tattoo glide if you use it—to your pigment cups. This makes your anesthetics and lubricant easily accessible with as few "contact points" as possible.

Final Touches to Your Tray

PMU applicator sticks in a tub

Now it's time for finishing touches! Using a washer bottle, soak gauze or cotton rounds in distilled water or green soap prior to any procedure. Be sure your washer bottle is sanitized before using it.

Keep your cotton rounds and gauze on your sanitized tray for easy access throughout the procedure. Be sure to have your applicator wands at the ready, too. Also, it goes without saying: be absolutely sure to use gloves when handling any items involved in the procedure.

Prioritize Your Own Safety, Too

Box of face masks for PMU procedures

Always have your PPE equipment at the ready to keep yourself safe from airborne contaminants or other masks. To that end, wear a face mask and hair net during the entire procedure. Change gloves if you touch anything un-sanitized. Use barrier film on your phone and other items to prevent cross-contamination.

Final Tip — Save Your Needles for Last

Keep your PMU cartridges sealed until you're ready to start working.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

A well-prepped workspace is your first step to a successful PMU procedure. Any time you need a reminder, empower yourself with this PMU checklist, guiding you through every key step in your setup process. Your journey to excellence begins here! Explore our entire selection of PMU setup and hygiene essentials to get started.