To achieve flawless cosmetic work, you need quality equipment… and your PMU machine is your most important tool. You’ll find countless permanent makeup machines on the market, each promising stunning results. But the best cosmetic machine for one artist may not be the best choice for you

We’re here to help find your true match. Here are our top 5 professional-grade PMU machines. Use this as your go-to guide when choosing your next (or very first) machine. 


The Top 5 Permanent Makeup Machines

Peak Elara 

The new Elara is the latest PMU machine to take the spotlight. This is the very first machine by Peak designed exclusively for permanent makeup. But don’t let that discourage you. Peak’s designs are made with control and versatility in mind: key components for you, the artist. 

And Peak is right on the money with the Elara when it comes to versatility. Elara is made to slay almost any PMU procedure. That includes stippling, lip blush, permanent blush, permanent eyeliner, color correction, and beyond. Its interchangeable stroke length and adjustable needle depth make it easy for you to make on-the-fly adjustments during procedures. 

Ultra-lightweight and easy to maneuver, you’ll be able to line, shade, and color correct with incredible control. Bonus feature? The Elara comes in three gorgeous color options. Choose from pink, black, or rose gold. 


Spektra Xion S 

Seasoned professionals, step up to the plate for this adjustable beauty. The Spektra Xion S permanent makeup machine was carefully made alongside esteemed cosmetic artists around the world. It’s 6W MotorBolt system, was specifically designed for micropigmentation without any risk of burning out. 

As a cosmetic expert, you know your needle depth “sweet spot” for micro shading, and the Xion S delivers. Its one-turn dial gives you seamless needle depth adjustments up to 5mm. Xion S also gives you interchangeable stroke lengths: 1.8mm or 2.1mm for everything from delicate detailing to heavy shading. 

Xion S is the heftiest machine in our top 5, but it’s still comfortable to hold at 4.7oz. Plus, its ergonomic grip compensates for its wider diameter.  With its intricate design, Xion S is meant for experienced cosmetic artists only. Give it a go in Frost, Stealth, or Special Edition Bubblegum Pink


Microbeau Bellar 

Here’s another excellent choice for professionals.

Some permanent makeup artists call the Bellar the most flexible cosmetic machine on the market. We’ll let you make that judgment, but here’s the official (factual) tea. Center-balanced and weighing only 2.9oz, it doesn’t get much more lightweight than the Bellar permanent makeup machine. Bellar also lays perfectly in your hand. So, say goodbye to arm fatigue and cramping, every beauty technician’s worst enemy.  

The Bellar’s slim design also gives you ultimate precision, so you can craft the most subtle details with ease. Additionally, Bellar comes with a reliable 2.1mm stroke length (perfect for hair strokes) and adjustable needle depth. A simple turn of the grip adjusts your depth up to 4mm. Adjust to your preferred depth and use the Bellar for detailing, powder brows, lip blush, and beyond. 

The Bellar permanent makeup machine also comes in a variety of colors. Choose from vibrant options like elegant Red Bottom and stunning Gold.


Microbeau Flux S 

Switch sides with ease with the Flux S, one of the top-of-the-line cord-free PMU machines. This direct drive rotary machine operates using a state-of-the-art detachable PowerBolt battery pack, which offers up to 12 hours of power and a complete charge in less than 2 hours. The Bluetooth-enabled PowerBolt also lets you easily adjust your voltage with the simple press of a button.

Optimized for PMU Artists, the Flux S operates quietly with minimal vibration and weighs in at a lightweight 6oz (170 grams). Plus, its 28mm slim grip makes it easy to handle for long periods.

The Flux S's 4mm stroke length makes it perfect for shading brows, permanent eyeliner, and medical tattoos.


Lithuanian Irons Stella 

The Stella is the only machine in our round-up with a slider mechanism. What does that mean for you? Direct hits that are still gentle, so there’s less trauma to your clients’ skin. Gentler hits also mean less irritation and inflammation during PMU procedures. Cosmetic artists love this ergonomic machine for its ultra-slim 18mm grip. A slimmer grip gives you the utmost accuracy, so you can create eyebrow frameworks and micro-strokes with ease. 

The Stella comes in silver.

Trust the Results 

The best, most flawless PMU machine is always a matter of preference. Combined with a quality setup, you’re all set for flawless permanent makeup. Additionally, the perfect combination of your ideal machine, power supply and the right cartridge configurations sets you up for beautiful success. Learn all about the cartridge needle configurations you need for any cosmetic procedure. When you achieve beautiful results, you know you’ve found the right supplies. Those can be found here at Ultimate Beauty. Explore our wide selection of quality machines today.