Online courses might make you arch a well-shaped brow. After all, it can be easy to believe that online programs are gimmicky or not worth your investment… you know, since they’re not hands-on. Maybe that’s true of some programs out there – but there are plenty of online courses that can really help your career flourish. Additionally, some online courses are not only beneficial; they’re also hosted by renowned artists and brand directors who want nothing more than to watch you succeed. 

No matter what stage of your career you’re in, there’s always more to learn. And it isn’t all about getting hands-on with clients: it’s about staying engaged, trying something new, and enriching your life with perspectives you may not have considered. We’ve rounded up the top online PMU courses that are worth your investment. So, let’s get started: 


If you’re just starting out (or just need a little touch-up on your baseline skills) there are plenty of high-value courses for PMU fundamentals. Check out some of our favorites below — they may be “basic,” but they’re coming from true icons in the world of PMU, and can offer you new insights on foundational topics you may not have considered... so, let’s go: 


Scattered selection of PMU cartridge needles

Jill Hoyer’s Inside Needle Knowledge™ Course 


Your PMU needles are without a doubt one of your most valuable assets for achieving stunning results. So, let's really dig into the ins and outs of needle configurations. In fact, let's do it with total legend Jill Hoyer. Sound good? 

Jill Hoyer is known internationally for her PMU work and medical tattooing. The founder of Timeless Skin Spa (est. 1997) and a contracted areola tattoo artist for Kaiser Permanente, Jill has dedicated over a decade to mastering her skills. Her secret? Understanding PMU needles, their various configurations, and how using them right can level up her career… and yours, too. The Inside Needle Knowledge™ Course (I.N.K) gives you access to all of Jill’s expertise as a needle educator and esteemed artist. 

This online masterclass is available directly through the Tina Davies Collective, a platform dedicated to PMU education. I.N.K gives you 24/7 access to video modules and downloadable PDFs, so you can pause, resume, replay, and revisit at your leisure. You’ll learn all about different configurations and their multiple uses; including how you can apply the same techniques using different needles… while also applying different techniques using the same needle. Moreover, you’ll learn about hand speed, hand movement, and machine speed in relation to your PMU needles. Additionally, if you have any questions for Jill during your journey, she’s just an email away.  

You can enroll here. If you’re not ready to commit to the full program, Jill also offers a comprehensive guide on lining and shading needles, totally free. 

Needle Theory with Lulu Siciliano 

Free enrollment

Fan of Evenflo pigments? Then maybe it’s time to learn from their founder: Lulu Siciliano, a  MicroBeau ProTeam artist and Perma Blend staple. She’s not only known for her top-quality pigments, but for her inspiring guest speaking events, striking Insta-presence, and enlightening courses and educational content. 

Lulu knows that every PMU artist needs a concrete understanding of how needles work before they can even think about producing their best work. In Needle Theory with Lulu Siciliano, you’ll not only get the needle basics as a “crash course” you’ll also get a digital reference book, round-up quiz as a final recap, and new ways to connect with Lulu. Enroll for the course here where you can also check out the full curriculum. 



 Lineup of PMU pigments

Perma U: The Science of Pigments 


There’s one thing every PMU artist wants: achieving beautiful results every single time. This foundational course helps you do just that… and there’s no other course like it on the current market. Join Anne Marie Rubino as she walks you through all the foundations of PMU pigments, from ingredients to industry-wide regulations. You’ll learn how these foundations influence your work every time you put a needle to your client’s skin. 

The Science of Pigments is called an essential pre-requisite course… but why not make it a post-requisite? As the founder of Perma Blend pigments, one of the most popular pigment lines on the market, Anne Marie can only enrich your knowledge of pigments and expand your horizons. So, her course is truly a gem for PMU artists at all stages of their career. You’ll acquire a richer understanding of pigments that set you up for better success as you grow.  

Available on the Perma U platform, this course is totally accessible right. Now. Click this link to join and get to know your favorite pigments better.

Colour Theory Made Easy by Layla Hinchen 

£99.00 (~$120) 

London-based PMU artist Layla Hinchen is the founder of the PMU Circle, which brings PMU artists of all experience levels together. The goal of the PMU Circle? To advance your career, swap trade secrets, and provide you with consistent, quality education on a regular basis. 

Layla Hinchen is an advanced PMU artist herself who offers thorough educational resources on all things PMU. In her Colour Theory Made Easy course, Layla breaks down color theory in easy-to-digest short videos. You’ll learn all about different skin types, pigments, and the ins and outs of color selection for each and every unique client. This is a great (and affordable) option for any artist who wants to advance their understanding of color theory and make more thoughtful pigment selections. Sign up here.


 Three PMU machines

Blade to Machine Conversion Class with Mary Ritcherson 


A valuable member of the Microbeau ProTeam and PMU artist of over two decades, Mary Ritcherson knows her way around a PMU machine. Ritcherson is also a master when it comes to nano strokes and creating natural-looking brows. She’s hosted several educational seminars so you can do the same; but all that skill comes from her thorough understanding of how a PMU machine works.  

If you’ve been strictly using microblade tools and you’re ready to upgrade to a PMU machine (maybe even a sexy new wireless one from Microbeau), Ritcherson has you covered. You can sign up for her Blade to Machine Conversion class here. 

Finding Your Magic Speed with Shay Danielle 


Master Microblading and PMU Instructor Shay Danielle is another ProTeam artist for Perma Blend. She has over a decade of PMU experience under her belt and she wants you to enjoy her degree of success. Passion fuels this pioneer in PMU, and it led her to create the Shay Danielle Academy Online, where she’s helped countless artists build their client base and beautify their results. 

In this free course all about machine speed, Shay gives you the truth about your PMU machine speed, a video including a speed exercise, and a bonus aftercare routine for the best healed results. Plus, you’ll have access to all components of this course for a year... at no cost! This is an excellent supplemental course if you’re still trying to A. understand the ins and outs of your machine or B. still looking for a machine that’s right for you. 


1:1 Private Master Course with Carla Riccardione 

Pricing available by inquiry 

PermaBlend ProTeam artist Carla Riccardione is the founder of Sculpted Studios Academy, which strives to make artists like yourself the best they can be. Carla is a speaker, artist, and educator who won’t only add zest to your PMU career... she'll also help you become a PMU master. 

So, what does Carla Riccardione believe makes a “master artist?” The recipe is simple: understanding exactly what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how it works. So, it goes without saying that Riccardione's private master course gives you everything you need to know about PMU machine basics.  

You’ll learn how your PMU machine works and how to operate it... plus all other essential basics: mapping, color theory, pigment theory, marketing, and beyond. While this course is kind of a catch-all for crucial fundamentals, we’re putting it under Machine Basics because of the complimentary machine you get at the end. That's correct: after you’re certified through this course, you’ll also receive the SCULPTURA PMU machine and power supply, both favorites from Riccardione’s Sculpted Studios Academy. 


Already got a firm grasp of the basics and want to dig right into the juicy stuff? No matter your specialty or skill you’d like to develop, there’s an online course out there for you. Many of these five-star courses are hosted by ProTeam artists, Academy founders, conventional speakers, and master PMU technicians around the world. Check out our roundup of the ultimate, most valuable online courses for everything from brows to SMP. 


PMU client receiving microblading


Ombre & Powder Brow Training with Kristina Malnicenco 

$497 up to $997 depending on package 

World-renowned and hand selected as a ProTeam artist by Perma Blend, Kristina Malnicenco is all about A. empowering women to get the most out of their cosmetic careers and B. perfect brows. Her Instagram contains a goldmine of free content to that end, including tips for better pixelation and pointers for communicating more effectively with your clients. 

In Malnicenco’s online course Ombre Brows & Powder Brows, you’ll get all the fundamentals for absolutely nailing brow procedures every single time: Malnicenco covers creating ombre and powder brows while also considering... 

  • Symmetry and asymmetry 
  • Facial proportion 
  • Stretching your client’s skin for optimal results 
  • Using the right needle angles 
  • And much more 

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, Malnicenco has invaluable information for you. She’s trained thousands of PMU artists across the globe and her portfolio speaks for itself. Sign up here and just take a look at the work her students have produced with her guidance. 

Brow Color Correction with Shay Danielle 


In the Brow Color Correction online course, you’ll get a firm understanding of color theory, causes of discoloration, and how to correct brows that have changed to... well, unsavory colors: gray, blue, yellow (you name it). By the end of Shay Danielle’s program, you’ll be able to tackle any shade of brow across the rainbow and restore them to their natural (or unnatural-but-beautiful) shades. 


Intelligent PMU Eyeliner with Carla Ricciardone 


The difference between intelligent eyeliner and standard eyeliner procedures? Attention to detail and understanding the science behind the strokes. 

PMU artists around the globe seek out Carla Ricciardone to enrich their understanding of the science behind PMU. This Perma Blend ProTeam artist attacks every unique style, technique, and aesthetic with a scientific lens... so, it’s beauty meets technical theory in Intelligent PMU Eyeliner with this cosmetic powerhouse of an artist.  

You’ll learn all about sculpting perfect eyeliner based on A. facial structure B. color selection and C. the right techniques for signature looks. This course is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive and detailed forays into the art of creating stunning eyeliner for any client. You’ll have 24/7 access to live demonstrations, demo cases, 28 chapters, and 58 lessons... by the end of it, you’ll distinguish yourself as a builder of intelligent PMU eyeliner. If you’re ready to do just that, enroll here. 

#Guybrows with Jonathan Paul & Dimitri Rojas 

$500 (payment plan available, too) 

Don’t forget about the guys! Guy-clients can fill up your books fast with a growing demand for thick, fierce, well-shaped brows. The best way to learn about how to shape the perfect #Guybrows is by turning to (drumroll, please) two guys who have A. amazing brows and B. have extensive experience in PMU brows. Enter world-leading microbladers Jonathan Paul and Dimitri Rojas. Jonathan Paul  and Dimitri Rojas are the founders of The Perfect Frame, an LA-based PMU studio that’s known everywhere for masterful microblading. 

Check out their work on Insta, and see all the microblading potential they’re offering you in this invaluable #Guybrows course (which is 100% Tina Davies-approved, by the way). You’ll learn how to craft brows intuitively, establish realistic expectations with your clients, and even build your client base. With Jonathan and Dimitri’s guidance, you could be your local city’s new go-to for the hottest #Guybrows. Click to enroll in the course here, which is chock-full of live demonstrations and modules for microblading, hair strokes, client selection (men and women alike), and more. 


PMU client getting lip blush procedure

Advanced Lip Color Theory with Carla Ricciardone 


Maybe you’re comfortable with your current mastery of PMU eyeliner and want to upgrade your PMU lip skills instead... in that case, you still get the opportunity to work with intelligent, science-focused PMU artist and master instructor Carla Ricciardone. But note: this is NOT a fundamentals course. It’s a continuing education opportunity for any of you who are already certified as lip PMU artists, and just want to enrich your career even further. Sound like you? Then dive into... 

  • An in-depth look at color theory as it relates to PMU lips 
  • A scientific perspective on how to select pigment for your valuable clients 
  • A new understanding of the lip undertone scale 

Sign up to learn from Carla (who has over two decades of teaching experience) here.

Dark Lip Workshop with Lulu Siciliano + Dark Lip Neutralization with Lulu Siciliano 

$399.00 & $350 

As a PMU lips artist, you simply have to be prepared for any lip color and undertone. There’s no better way to master that skill than with Lulu Siciliano herself, whose Evenflo pigments are scientifically formulated for outstanding healed results and corrective work, no matter the client.  

Join Lulu’s full Dark Lip course — including a detailed introduction to dark lips and in-action workshop — to master your skills and grow your client base beautifully. Join the Dark Lip Neutralization course specifically to master your dark lip correction skills. In the neutralization and correct course, you’ll have access to invaluable resources like client case studies, lip guide and color theory PDFs, as well as live demos. And in time, you’ll have mastered the perfect pout for the darkest lips.


PMU client getting a scalp micropigmentation procedure


Scalp Clinic PR MicropigmentaciónTraining Courses

Packages ranging from $199.00 up to $5,999.00

The ladder to SMP success, technical mastery, (and maybe even stardom) starts here. Oh, and it’s a tall ladder. Microbeau SMP ProTeam artist Carlos Montes runs this show. And he’s one of the most sought-after SMP artists in the world. In fact, PMU artists themselves line up for Carlos Montes whenever they need a little SMP work done… so it’s safe to call him an SMP master. 

Carols Montes’s courses are invaluable for artists just starting out with SMP. In Montes’s comprehensive training opportunity, you can choose from one (or more) training packages. These packages include online introduction and basic training courses, all varying in duration (one-day, three-day, and self-paced courses area all available). You may also choose a one-day in-person observation session; a one-hour Q&A Zoom call with Carlos; or a full in-person training where Carlos comes directly to you (no matter your home country!) Plus, if you’re really just starting out and want to get going with some quality practice equipment, Carlos also offers a starter kit for honing your SMP skills.  

Choose the opportunity that’s right for you at this link.

Mastering the Hairline with Scalp Micropigmentation 

Speaking of SMP masters… enter Matthew Iulo. Another world-renowned SMP ProTeam artist for Microbeau, Matthew offers continuing education for those of you who’ve already got your foot in the door with SMP training. So, it’s much more of a specialized online training program with a focus on the hairline. You’ll learn all about how to: 

  • Create consistent hairlines  
  • Draw three fundamental hairline shapes 
  • Participate and interact in hair design workshops 
  • Learn about pigment blending in SMP 

With over 1,000 PMU trainees under his belt, Matthew can really help you compound your existing SMP skills. Become a flourishing SMP artist with Matthew at this link and get ready to step up your hairline game. 



PMU client getting faux freckles

Faux Freckles with Shay Danielle 


The ever-passionate Shay Danielle isn’t just a legend when it comes to crafting and correcting gorgeous PMU brows. She can also guide you through crafting the cutest (or fiercest or sexiest or quirkiest) freckles... a rampantly popular client demand around the globe. If this is a new skill for you, Shay makes it feel like an absolute breeze; and at such an affordable rate, why not invest in growing your skills which will inevitably make your client list grow, too?  

Learn all about crafting Faux Freckles with Shay Danielle here.


Hyper-Realism with Stacie Rae 


Take your areola work to outstanding status in just ten short weeks alongside Stacie Rae. With over 26 years of tattooing experience, Stacie Rae dove headfirst into scar coverups and areola tattooing after her own experience with mastectomy. She has since become an icon and leader in the world of areola tattooing as a member of the ParaMedical Artistry collective and has devoted so much of her career to creating resources that have 100% revamped the industry, satisfying a growing demand for nipple procedures. Ready to meet that demand? 

With Stacie’s expert guidance, you’ll learn to put the heart into your art. So, get ready to grow your craft to new, hyper-realistic heights for clients who really need it. Enroll here. 


PMU business woman at her laptop 

Million Dollar Beauty Biz with Sheila Bella 


If you’ve nailed your technique and you’re a skill PMU artist who’s ready to take on a new challenge – business ownership – this course is for you. PMU entrepreneur Sheila Bella has over 12 years of experience in “the biz,” but her biggest passion is helping you find the same success she’s had. This loaded course isn’t just about snapping gorgeous photos of your work. It gets right down into the nitty-gritty of all the components that make your business booming and beautiful: branding, setup, marketing, social media, keeping your clients, and beyond. 

This course is available through the Tina Davies Collective. In fact, Sheila is a close friend of Tina Davies, who calls her a beacon of #girlboss inspiration who can help her students make six-figure earnings, like... overnight. If you’re into that idea, start growing your enterprise with Sheila here.

Eye Catching Edits with Amelia Gil 


Miami-based PMU artist Amelia Gil is not only a boss when it comes to getting amazing PMU results... she also knows how to photograph them. Take a look at some of her work here and notice how much the photos “pop!” In this online mini course, Amelia is dedicated to making sure snapshots of your work do exactly the same. You’ll learn about all the best apps and techniques in 8 chapters and 15 quick lessons... and you can definitely expect your portfolio to shine by the end of it. 

Take that $39 you might’ve spent on an extravagant lunch and invest in the glossy future of your portfolio. You can really make it into a knockout with Amelia Gil. Sign yourself up right here and get started today. 


Bear in mind that as our industry continues to evolve, more and more opportunities like this present themselves. There are as many courses out there as there are specialties and skills… so keep your eyes out for the ones that meet your needs. Moreover, keep your eyes on your idols and favorite PMU artists; they just might offer an online course that will change your life in a beautiful way. 

Oh, and one more thing: Perma U is an educational platform that will only continue to grow. Create an account there and stay tuned for additional round tables and opportunities for cosmetic education. In the meantime? Don’t stop flourishing, and keep growing your knowledge base, no matter what stage you are in your professional career.